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good morning baby,
how did you rest last night?
did you rest well?
I love waking up to you
what would you like for breakfast?
I think you're what i'd like to do today
it's so would please me so much
to please you
what would you like to do today?
nothing is too much, come here baby.

ill massage your back, run your bath
its never too much for me to do
anything you ask, whatever the task
dont even ask, it's done

2 (with adlibs)
it's never too much ooh lovin you is easy
lovin you is what id like to do
what id like to do today- easy
ooh lovin you is easy and cause
you're the one...lovin you is fun

breakfast in your bed on sunday mornin
what would you like today? today, today?
when you retired, shall i light your fire?
what do you require its done!

ill be your sugar in the mornin
your shade in the noonday sun
ill be your honey in the evening babe
and illget down sweet and low
and in the midnight hour
ill give you what you require
lovin you is so sweet...easy!

no dont say a word
let me read you're mind
I know what you want!
come here!

lovin you is easy cause you're the one man
morning noon and night working hard as I can
and anything you want baby anything you need
want it, say it, do it, cause you're so easy
anything you need it's done

repeat 2 until fade