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Paroles de When U Think About Me

i knoe u want meeh
i got yo mind paralyzed
is it the infatuation that keepz u awake at nite?
when you tink about meeh
do u tink bout us
fallin in love
do u wanna get
wit meeh
wit meeh
do you tink about meeh(tell meeh tell meeh)
do u tink bout us
and makin love
do u wanna get
wit meeh
wit meeh

when u sleep at nite
does monica star in yo dreamz
are you tinkin of meeh all da tyme
or does it mean
do u fantasize
to yo surprise dere i am
makin you realize
deep inside u wanna be mah man
are you still playin childish gaymez
or all grown up
because mah appetite sayz
too much is not enuf

im curious
and i dont need to make a fuss
but i tink bout u
do u tink bout us

tell meeh
do you tink bout..
when you daydream does sweet marie
stay on yo mind
or do you find yoself wishin u were here by mah side
do u wanna have responsible to get meeh a vote
dont jus hit meeh on da pager or mah cell telefone
when u at da klub
is dere noone else dat turnz u on
da way you lookin at meeh
i kan tell u wanna get it on
im curious
and i wanna feel
da heat of yo touch
i tink bout u
do u tink bout us


all day i wanna do
spend mah tyme wit u
all nite i know u wanna get wit meeh 2
do u tink of meeh da way dat i tink about u
u conserve(??) meeh like nobodie else kan do
when u tink bout meeh..
when u tink bout meeh...
tell meeh
tell meeh
when u tink bout meeh
do u tink bout us
tell meeh tell meeh