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Paroles de This Ain't What Love's About

Wherever we will go, same old story,
Say you can't take no more and you
want to go home. I give up, I don't
know just how to keep going
When I see tears roll dow your face

You got me, going round and
round, you got my life, turned it
upside down

And we keep going around and
round in cirkles going down, down,
down. We keep talking 'bout the
same old things, we keep covering
the same old ground, and we keep
going around and I've got to get out,
cos this ain't what love's about

The clock keeps on turning
the days come and go, I think of you
and now I can't let your memory go

You got me, helped me off the
ground, you got my life, abd turned
it upside down

There's one way to cross this river,
but I don't know if I can deliver
I feel broke, I'm down on my knees,
we can't go on like this