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Nice house in the country .. Now you're on your way
You took advantage of
our possibilities
Got your sights set far ... No time for sympathy
Keeping up with the
Smiling at the neighbors
Don't let them see your...
Dirty, Dirty Little
Keep your hands over your eyes and ... Maybe it will go away
Dirty, Dirty little
Joe McCarthy is alive and well today
When you face the mirror
consider this
Why judge another when you've got your own ship to fix
There's no solution good
enough for everyone
And your interpretations don't work in every situation
You side with your religion with your interpretation
But don't let them see
Dirty, Dirty Little Secret
It seems the most
opinionated are the ones who hide their
Dirty, Dirty Little
I'll be leaving the status quo behind
How can you know someone
until you walk in their shoes?
Our parents taught us segregation now we're singing the blues
The dynamic of America is progress for all
Well, can't hold us back we're right on the track
No wall is too tall by
the will of the people
We'll take a road to higher ground
And don't worry about that...