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Paroles de 40oz. To Freedom

You got your hair permed,
you got your red dress on,
screamin' that second gear was such a turn-on.
And the fog forming on my window tells me that the mornings here
and you'll be gone before too long.
Who taught you those new tricks?
Damn, I shouldn't start that talk
but life is one big question when your starin' at the clock.
And the answers always waiting at the liqour store,
40 ounces to freedom so I'll take that walk.
And i know that...

I'm not goin' back.
ohhh, not going back.
ohh, God knows I'm not going back
oooohhhh not goin'

(Hey man does anyone wanna make a run down to am/pm with me? It's like quarter to right now, bro shit can you like, bum me a buck or two dude? Sean said he was gonna be here about 2:00 I havn't even seen him totally broke,man Todd owes me twenty bucks your over it fuck, sorry! I'm not dealin' with that chince no more. Can you take thoes bottles back, Eric?)

And you look so fine
when you lie, it just don't show,
but i know which way the wind blows.
A 40oz to freedom is the only chance I have
to feel good even though I feel bad.
And I know that...

I'm not goin' back.
Ohhh, I'm not going back.
Ohh, God knows, im not going back.
Ohhh I'm... not goin'