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Paroles de Step In The Name Of Love

Everything Between (Sung by Background)

Many lovers has come, and
Many lovers have gone.
Similar to an old fashion song

Baby girl in other words for ever more
I'll be here. (I'll be here).
Cause, my whole has been full of joy every since
You came here...Girl

(R. Kelly singing over )

My whole world goes around,
Because you spin me yeah
And every time we're done making love girl
You makes me wanna?

(Snap my fingers)
(Clap my hands yeah)
(Step from side to side)
(Grooove and it's alright)

Some believes in love,
And some people don't
Similar to a story, when it's told.
A thousand years from now
We?ll be still puttin? down my baby
Some have cross the finish line and some gave up.
It's like moving a mountain
Love can be just that tough yeah.