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Paroles de It's Over Now (feat. Sugar Daddy)

This is the original Sugar Daddy lang side Natasha
Yar yar
Real thing thi thing thi thing thing tihng as we start to sing with a new brand something
Yar yar

(Verse 1)
Girl it's to sudden well it's over know
Like Land Rover now me start to roll you know
You know my folder now big like are trold you know
Is holdep show yar know
Indeed again

Add lip
Am a star
Ok then you think yuh now den
Sugar daddy
Real rude boy
Real love

(Verse 2)
You are brag an bos and you are gone like yuh bad
And me spen hold night in are me music lab
Fe make them true song good make them lyrics song bad
Boy are gowon like you weked and ral up yuh ragg well
It no make no sence you hype know
Car me pack me bag me leave well tonight you no
It make no sence you gave D daddy no fight now, allright
Indeed as we seek as we search as we find, again