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tight shoes stepping light bending over to go under find your seat on the kitchen floor at first glance 20/20 take your chance maybe not with a spruce goose on patrol from the shackle to the snap pop crackle on the out on the inside space to fill silly rabbit just don’t have it playing tricks for the fix and the green tea over the hill curiosity getting over like fat cat in the hole coming five days late with a secret hand shake and the dog’s reaching for the bone sweet tooth in candyland or the worst case scenario who needs a skeleton key superpower on the hunt take your box brady bunch check the cap see if you’re a winner ’cause it’s a parachute drop coming down when it’s over to the same old swanson dinner coming in through the back ’cause i never had the knack with that hole in my back pocket silver dragon golden road but that fortune cookie never told it never told you nothing