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(feat. T-Pain)

POLICE! We have a search warrant!

Come on, come on
Aye T-Pain, T-pain it's Twista
Come this way come on, we gotta creep fast
Come on

[Verse 1: (Twista)]
Watch as I
Hit it through the middle of the city in a Chevy
And I'm ready with the woofers that'll pimp your block
And I got 'em taking the machete for the niggas that get paid to get to talking I'm gonna hit up your block
If you wanna bring your boys, better bring the toys, better bring the noise
I'm about to full of ammunition
Bodies that be hitting when I get to spitting everybody should've broken in nobody listens
So now I roll on 24's when I'm on your tip
They all know who I am ain't nobody's talking shit
Tell me when did they ever think that I was a hoe
'cause I got killers with me crips bloods g's and foes
And we be focused on the paper when we be up in the kitchen
We're thinking about the money on the steady come up
And I got the niggas that be ready for whatever
With the whole war chest if a nigga run up
AK-47 Desert Eagle s-k mack 11 for the nigga that'll try to run up
Nigga what you want I'm a bone thug get you while you're sleeping 'cause you know I'm creeping on the come up

Chorus (T-Pain):
Motherfuckers acting like they don't know me but they know just who I am
I'm a motherfucking killer gorilla nigga
You better act like you understand
'cause I'm a killer
A masked murder
The realest nigga that you ever heard of
Motherfuckers acting like they don't know the deal
But they know just what to do
Everybody's talking on the streets so you know that I'm coming straight for you
'cause I'm a killer
A masked murder
The realest nigga that you ever heard of

[Verse 2: (Twista)]
Try to play a nigga and get over on the twister
I'm gonna see you when I see you and I wouldn't wanna be you
Got the Desert Eagle and I'm rollin' in a regal
When I'm looking at you evil through the eye of a needle
Not a misdemeanor but a murder with a millimeter
Feel the heat of twister when I'm busting at your whip
I became a burglarer when I'm coming for your shit
I'm gonna get you for your goods when I run up in your crib
Tell me where your jewelry at
Where you're safe (where you're safe?)
Don't make me have to smack this ugly bitch in her face (shut up bitch)
Is it behind the portrait or is it in your floor? (uh huh)
Just let me so that I can hit it up 'cause I got to go
'cause I got up on it so hit a lick on them niggas 'cause it use to be if I gotta get 'em I'm gonna get 'em
Never ride a burgandy Lamborghini masialago through the city because I know that'll kill 'em
Averaging a hundred yards a game
My competition better back up I'm the key running back
Niggas that ain't ready get the machete for the lyrical chase in the rap I'm gonna keep coming back

Chorus: (T-Pain)

[Verse 3: (Twista)]
The lyrical assassin
A mack and it gotta be attack on a track if I gotta pack the cheddar good
T a legendary representer for the city
'cause I put it down every since I been rapping for the hood
17 years I go and I flow on the show on these niggas when it comes to beating me nobody could
I been spittin venom every since the days ugk been rapping and talking about putting diamonds on the wood
Rolling in a old Cadillac before I got some flames
I done got that gwap got a little More slot now I ride a range
Maybe 'cause I spit that crack is the reason we got some change
And if we ain't making money off rap then we got them things
Got the 8 dollar hollas 2 for 15
And 4 when I split the 9 piece so you can get the whole brick
How about when I was making a hundred every summer
Pulling up in the hummer can make a nigga so sick
I would constantly come up with hits and steady be getting fed just only because a nigga flow sick
So there's no debate everybody know I'm great
Any mother fucker that hate can suck my dick

Chorus: (T-Pain)