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Paroles de Do It For My Hood

Turn that shit up nigga (haha)
Real talk nigga
Turn my music over there a lil bit
Real talk let see whats happin nigga (chea)

Every time I do it I do it for my hood (*repeat 2X*)
And every time I do it I do it for yo hood
And every time I do it I do it for they hood
It's understood I do it for the hood

The streets love jeezy and I love 'em back (love em back)
If I still had the work I front ya a sack(ay)
It's all gravy still reaching wit my words
And make 'em feel good on the first and the third
Take you back when I was sixteen(sixteen) wit a bankroll
Posted on a corner like a light pole (thats right)
They used to call us track stars
Before they even stopped we ran to dem cars
And everybody on the block got the same agenda(same agenda)
Hustle from January til the end of December(end of December)
Wasn't smokin purple then it was more like bobby brown
On that hen dog got a nigga drinking straight brown (7/11 nigga you know)
You know 10 to 4 shake 'em up talk shit get my drink and let 'em go
Even when I'm on the road the gangstas stay in touch
Why you think they love me so much (ha ha!)


I'm talking bout summertime cookouts and wintertime fights(fights)
It ain't nothing we hearing shots all night
Ford Taurus pulls up everybody run(run)
White boys jump out pointin wit they guns (5-0, 5-0)
Ford Taurus leave everybody came back(ay)
Hope dem boyz didn't find my sack (nah)
Real recognize real I suppose ( I suppose)
I guess that's why the gangstas be at all my shows (yup)
Got the deal nothing changed but my clothes(nope)
Still catch me in the jects f**kin wit dem hoes (projects!)
Like coo-coo cal (Like coo-coo cal)
Lord I wish mad Lou could see me now (yea)
Wish gold mouth was thome wish mailman was free(yyeeaa)
A lot of n****z crossing over dog no not me
Plus I been in the commercials when I watch TV
And everybody know I rep these streets faithfully(ay)


Ford Taurus pull up everybody run
White boys jump out pointin wit they guns
Ford Taurus leave everybody came back
Ay Hope dem boyz didn't find my sack