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As soon as you came in, I offered you a drink
Better yet, there's a bar at my crib shawty, watcha think?
You know I'm no stranger
So girl, let me take ya places that you don't even know
Now I've wanted girls before
But never like this
And I know I can't have it all
But I'll settle for a kiss
I'm playing unless you let me
Cause damn you're so sexy
It feels like I'm losing control

Now I'm not falling in love with you
But I think that you are hot, shawty
See all I wanna do
Is let you know
From the moment I saw you, i knew that
You were all that I wanted in a woman
From your style to your fragrance
Baby girl you got my heart skippin
Just like Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom skippin
Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom skippin Boom Boom
Baby girl you got my heart skippin like

Got me in amazement
And I can't believe
I've never seen nothin like you ever step on the scene
Maybe you're just born with it
Maybe it's Maybelline
But there's no way for me to surely know
Ain't tryin to be forward, but I wanna take you home
So from now on movin forward girl you know what I want
I wanna get you in closer, enough to hear you when you whisper
All the tings that you wanna hear


You don't know what you do to me
Just like Boom Boom
Damn, baby
Just like Boom Boom
Baby girl, you got my heart skippin just like
Just like Boom Boom
It's kinda crazy
Just like Boom Boom