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Paroles de Half On A Baby

Bridge 1:
Ooh, na na na ( yo... yo body) yo' body, na na na (2x)

turn the lights down low, I'm ready da break it off
Since computer love, been wantin to set it off
like a hotel room I'm checkin in to u
I'm takin like a --- all the things you do
take a leap over da room, it's how u makin me feel
Come on in dis room, and let's keep it real, you know

Half on a baby
All I need is your body next to me (saying ooh)
ooh na na na na na (yo.. yo body) Yo body na na na *2x*

Now tell me what da deal is, are u ready to bump
It's gonna take a life time, to give u all of dis love
so baby open up, and get ready to receive
a miracle of love, gettin down wid me
like a baseball field, wanna hit a home run
me and u get together babe, and raise a lil one

(Repeat Chorus) x2

set it off in a six, baby dat'll be cool
take a trip down town between me and you
trippin on Perion
Conversation like, what?
Not afraid to go down, won't u open up
after 9 to 5, you deserve some 12
makin future plans, to be where I dwell

(Repeat Chorus) x2

Bridge 2:
From my toes up
to my knee caps to my waistline
slowly lady
can we go half on a baby

(Repeat Chorus)