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Indian summer
You were new in town, I was nineteen,
And the sparks flew
They called us crazy behind our backs
"Romantic fools" we just let them laugh
Because we knew
It may be a long shot
We may get lonely down the line
But love knows no reason
And I won't let 'em make up my mind

My money's riding on this dark horse, baby
My heart is saying it's the lucky one
And it's true color's gonna shine through someday
If we let this, let this dark horse run

Stars are brighter in a desert sky
No need to wonder or justify
Where this will lead
I wear your locket, our picture's inside
Inscription says 'the joy's in the ride'
And I believe
That something so sacred
Is something worth this kind of fight
Cause love knows no patience
You can't please everyone all the time


So rare
So sweet
Together baby, I know
We can
Be free

Chorus x2

Indian summer
You were new in town, I was nineteen