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I can live without you
I'm happy by myself
But you get to me
You make me feel like there is no one else

What you doin'
Leaving hearts in ruins
Can't you see
For us to be
That just won't fly with me

Slow down
Let's get it right
Make it last
Let's start tonight

And you've got a love to burn
Kisses for days
Don't you wanna grab onto something real
And never let it get away

I don't have a love to burn
Time to waste
'Cause I've waited far too long
For the spark to become a flame
And if it comes true
I only have a love to burn for you

I'd see it through
If I was sure you'd feel this way for me
It's gotta be
Much more than anything we say or loved
To ever last

I need to know it's not just touch and go
That you are here to stay
Here to stay
That you are here to stay