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Hot & Wet 2004

(It's goin'down tonight...) x 2

Baby I love the way, you lookin' at me, lookin' at me
You're so amazing, you gotta give it to me, give it to me,
You touch every single part of me,
I'll touch every single part of you
I'm gonna make sure that you're gonna come back for more

Baby I can tell you're feelin' me, feelin' me
You're body's callin', what's your fantasy, fantasy
You touch every single part of me
I'll touch every single part of you
Hey girl stop playin' games, and meet me at the door
We wanna get down..

If you wanna get down tonight,
you can bring your own girl if you like,
Don't be scared girl, I won't bite
'Cause I'm gonna bring it out of you,
All the freaky things inside of you,
It's goin' down tonight
I said, it's goin' down tonight
Yes, yes, it's goin' down tonight

Girl when we meet there,
We're gonna go, we're gonna go,
Takin' you to places you never been before, been before
I'll do freaky things you like,
You do freaky things I like,
i'm gonna make sure that you are gonna wanna come back for more
Lets try to keep this between me and you, me and you
No need to tell our friends we're comin' too, comin' too
We'll do freaky things tonight,
We'll do freaky things I like,
So girl stop playin' games and meet me at the door
Ahh, baby baby


Hey, you're shakin' that body like its jello,
Shorty bout to make the 12 lose control,
We off up in the club like hey yo
Work it like a stripper like wo wo,
Come and take a sip of that wo-wo
She's all over me like wo-wo
In the V.I.P I'm like do it girl, shake it girl, drop it girl

Be up to the T in the V.I.P
Everybody drinkin' in the bar with me
I spot a group of ladies with they eyes on me
And I ain't gotta pick one
I can have all three
Like, what's happenin ladies, i seein' you choosin,
Everybody thinkin they be three an' they knew this
Skip the game, cut out the confusion
I'm tight talkin' over all this it's real loud
See they go fo' well we out an' lose it
Made them an offer they couldn't refuse it
Got in the two and started cruisin'
We blew draw an' they started removin'
They topless now, two of those is poppin' now
Touch here, kiss there, no stoppin' now
She look there, got her underwear slidin' down
Ooh, baby

Chorus x 2

(It's goin' down tonight..) x 2