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As long as I remember
We've marched across this land
oh oh oh

Reached for a new horizon
Pulled by the killing hand
oh oh oh

All fed up with lies
The time has come
To break these chains and fly

Here we stand, bound forever more
Than out of this world, until the end
Here we are, mighty, glorious
At the end of the rainbow
With gold in our hands

We know the treasures lies
Beyond the pouring rain
oh oh oh..

Our quest will last forever
For you it's all the same
oh oh oh

No one can deny
Our future's set
To reach above the sky

Here we stand...


Let's fly away through the rain
Fly high, to ease the burning pain
Oh, the colours fading out
The light is shining in the night
It's up to you, it's worth the fight
Search before the colours fade

Here we stand...