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{Mystikal talkin}
Callin' all cars, callin all cars
Be on the look out for a pussy vandalist (over)
A pussy bandit
Suspect is known in many states for dickin' ya' woman
He's dangerous
Be on the look out

{Verse 1}
I knock the mutha fuckin' pussy off the hook
I take the face off a rapper, fuckin' with punch
Tight line, sharp shooter
The hands of an assayn, curse word expert
You don't know nothing 'bout this
Come on mama get you some braided up pimpin'
I make a shy-cryin' bitch start strippin' (take it
Put ya' legs up, see if I can touch her kitty
Fucka fucka, sucka sucka
Two-hundred dollars?
Bitch that ain't nothing
Hurry up and find me, show my what you workin' wit'
But if your pussy smellin' shrimpy ho, get ya fuckin'
shirt and shit
Somebody betta' stop her
She runnin' around, this pussy smellin' like "Red
That's a type of bitch don't touch
Some hos you can look at, but rep don't fuck

Chorus 2x
Dick don't fell me now (na uh)
I knock the coochie lining out (that's right)
If I hit one time ya' hook (and that's it)
They call me the pussy crook (give it up)

{Verse 2}
Somebody show me the woman complain talkin about, I'm
too sexual
But leave me alone wit' her, I betchu' I can sex the
Fuck her like I ate vegetables
Knock it down for an hour in a half, still got ?
The man right chea
Fuckin you on the floe', still shake the shandaler
I gotta call again some where
Stop that fuckin' runnin' and brang that ass over here
Bitch, cut no joke
Catch that wall, work that pole
What chu' doin' after 2am?
In a whore tell, gotta give you what you came for
Waist hittin', wash it off, then face hittin'
Manasatwore I stay gettin'
If you can't work it then don't flirt
You got them lil' itty bitty tities, don't raise yo'
I sort them out, some ain't stayin'
Take them fuckin' thongs off, don't come hea' with no
I cut cha' up when I'm climbin' over ya'
Throw it at cha' like I'm a fuckin' phanamenon


{Verse 3}
What the fuck you mean ya period down, you can't give
me no lovin'?
Shit, it's time for fuckin' fightin' blue hard
She said she never done that stuff
I say well let me talk ya' through it, get the KY
Put a hump in ya' back baby
Quick movin' ya' leg, get loose and relaxed lady
She was actin' all timy
But the next thing you know, she was humpin' back wit'
I was all the way up in that ass
I was hard like a horse, still want to do it fast
Two hours and no pause
Still talkin' 'bout don't stop, aw lawd

Chorus 4x

{Mystikal talking}
Callin' all cars, callin' all cars
Suspect last seen headed East I-10
Toward New Orleans, over
Be advised, he's all with dick
And striking good looks, over
Suspect is in a big truck
Excursion, a Escalade
A some shit, he's just in a big truck, over
Be on the look out
Leave all pussy inside
Give me this mutha fuckin' mic'
Yo, y'all mutha fuckas ain't gon' never catch me,
mutha fucka
Only thing y'all gonna catch, just this DICK
Mutha fucka
This another mutha fuckin' KLC
SMASH, mutha fucka
Miss me
One, big truck nigga, over