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Paroles de Song I Wrote When You Dissed Me

Hey There Mr. Marlboro Man; What you gonna do; when there's nobody left; but yer smoke choking self to abuse;
Hey There Mr. C.E.O. Man; who you gonna be; When yer daughter and me; hop the first cheap flight to Figi ; or Pari;
There you go telling me how I feel again; There you go telling me what you need again; There you go again telling me how to be again; Just like you, Ain't it true;
Just like that nasty King Kong; Cock strong and half a block long; There weren't nothin as strong; As the song that I wrote when you dissed me;
Hey There Mr. Fraternaty Boy; whatcha gonna say; When its time to admit; to yer family 'n' shit; That yer gay, anyway;
Hey There, Mr. Head-in-the-clouds; Look what I found; On the tape of the rape; and you ask how I found; How profound, pass around;
Chorus And everythings alright ; Leave it alone tonight; Everythings ok; Just tell yer Mom yer gay