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What if it's truthful? Well then that is nothing
What if it's harmless? Well then that is nothing
What if it's nothing? Well then that is something
I think I'm onto something that I can't find
I can't find peace in this
I don't think. I don't mind.
Suck me down, down deeper
Break me down, down deeper
Search for more, keep trying
All around, keep trying
Now I'm lost

On my own I could save you
All I hope is that I keep you

Thought you were flying when you were failing
I just see you crying, but I'm better rejoicing
I can't live lives like these
You won't win games like these
Leaving me (my body)
fly away


Is that I keep you (2x)

Where am I at? I won't fake it.
Just an act. I can't fake it.
All a fake. I'm not here.
What a shame, I'm not real
Pointed out; not really;