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Get another boyfriend

Backstreet ...check it

Verse 1:
Let’s talk about one baby
You gotta hear me out
Do you really wanna be the last to know
What it’s all about
Let’s talk about two, you say
He’s the essence of your life
But he’ll eat you up from inside slow
And then he doesn’t wanna know

Bridge 1:
I'm tellin you he'll eat you up from inside
And then he doesn't wanna know

Listen, I mean it
There's nothing that he's worthy of
He's just another playa' , Playin in the name of love
I've seen enough, now this must come to an end
Get another Boyfriend

Verse 2:
Let’s talk about what he’s done
To become your number one
Or was it all the promises of diamonds, pearls and party dresses that turned you on
I’ve seen it before, (don’t take) anymore
Three, two you’re through for sure
Just go get on with your life
Stop acting like you’ve given up

Bridge 2:
I'm telling you, go get on with your life
(Stop) acting like you're givin up


"Why?" "Get another Boyfriend"

Hear me out
You must know
What it’s all about, baby
That he’s just a player in love
This must come to an end
Get another boyfriend

Chorus (x2

Get.....another boyfriend