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Paroles de All Fired Up, No Place To Go

From the inside lookin' out
You're the one that I've been thinkin' about
I'm a lonely little fool over you babe

Got me dazed and confused
Got my body cryin' the blues
Come and see me, got a line I'm throwing to you

You're the mountain that I want to climb
I won't stop 'til I reach it this time
I just can't get you outta my mind

I'm all fired up with no where to burn
Gotta hold myself steady
I'm all fired up with nowhere to burn
I know what I want and I'm ready

You passed every test
You left me here starved and obbsessed
With a hunger that begs for you

Draw, aim, fire
You can't run from my desire
It's my arrow through your heart surrender to me